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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What are you worth?

135? 27? 3219? 10?

Those numbers don’t mean much on their own. We give them meaning by referencing them to money, or a 10-scale, or age, or---gulp---weight. We give that number too much meaning! Is the number on the scale really a true representation of your worth? Does it register your talents, your friendly demeanor, your intelligence or your vibrant spirit? Of course it doesn’t, but what I have seen is that many people let the number on the scale SHADOW all of those other things that are much more important about a person. Truthfully, I know a few of you very well and I am inspired by how absolutely amazing you are. I know the rest of you have your own impressive stories as well. But having the number on the scale be more than you want can darken your attitude about yourself. You may let that number determine your worth and it ends up taking away from all those other things that are fantastic about who you are. You are worth so much more!  

As much as I’d like it to, our culture’s obsession with weight isn’t likely to go away. And it is true that there are many health benefits to having a moderate weight. So I hope that if you are working toward a different number on the scale, that it is really a REASONABLE expectation, and that you’ll not let yourself lose focus of what you are REALLY worth. It just can’t be counted –or DIScounted--with a number.