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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Shelly Loves Zumba®:

Now it’s my turn:

Why do I even remember the date I first came to Zumba? Last year I was having a horrible emotional breakdown so bad that I thought “April 14: from this day forward things will never be the same.” You know the despair—the crushing feeling of hopelessness. I had to get away. I needed to escape in some attempt to regroup and gain a better perspective.

I had been to the Orem Fitness Center maybe twice in all 10 years I’d lived here. In March I happened to see a sign about the new Zumba classes and thought it looked interesting. But it was scheduled at a difficult time of day and I was self-conscious about going, thinking I’d be the only white girl there and would look silly trying to do Latin dancing. But I logged it in my mind thinking someday I might try it.

Well April 14 came and I needed that escape. I hate shopping. It was too cold to go for a long walk. I didn’t want to talk to a friend about my emotions. I wanted to forget them. I remembered the Zumba class, dropped my insecurities (because I was really at rock bottom anyway) and just went. I couldn’t believe how fun it was! I got lost lots of times on the steps, but I was completely engaged in the movement of it and for that whole hour, my stress melted away!

After that, I didn’t miss a single class. My family supported me and made it possible for me to keep coming. It gave me the outlet I needed to feel like I could completely self-indulge but not feel guilty. I was rejuvenated during class. But I also had something so FUN and rewarding to look forward to during my difficult moments the rest of the time. It was just what I needed to keep me going.

So since April 14, things really haven’t been the same--they’re better! I’m so happy for the changes in my life over the last year and that Zumba has been such a catalyst for change. I know it can be a huge benefit to others, so that’s why I enjoy teaching so much. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed receiving your emails about how Zumba has enhanced your lives, too.

All our lives are so different. I know Zumba is only a small part of each of them. But I love that we can come together and laugh and smile and whoop and holler and share something that gives us just what we need to keep going with the rest of our responsibilities.

Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of your life. 

Why YOU Love Zumba Fitness® Class:

I got so many wonderful responses about why you all love coming to Zumba® classes. I decided to post some of the reasons here so you can see how great it is!
I love getting a nice good hard workout while having fun!
I look forward to this class all day.
Boring exercise is out and Zumba is in!
This class is a blast, and I'm going to tell everybody about it!
For that one hour I can let loose and have fun!!
I could not believe how fast the hour went.  I love the music and the good workout it is. 
I love that it is also a social experience and no one cares what you look like.
My parents have noticed that I am not sick as often or as bad. Now I get over a cold faster and I am enjoying my time away from work more.  I am healthier, happier, and stronger.
I've been so inspired by Zumba to get the rest of myself in shape that I've been eating better and I've lost 12 pounds since January!
I can now sleep deeper and I dream more. 
I feel that it is a wonderful escape from mom hood for an hour and it helps me to be re-energized when I go back and face the world.
I look ridiculous when I dance, but love the fun and variety Zumba adds to my fitness schedule. (hmmm…I haven’t seen anyone looking ridiculous!)
You can be the oldest person in class and not do many of the steps correctly but you can still have a good time. 
I used to dance a lot in my younger years and don't know why I ever stopped...but now Zumba let's me do it again while getting a great workout!
I keep coming because it's fresh and exciting and I get to see smiling faces twice a week.
It is important to enjoy the exercise I do so that I keep motivated to do it.
I wasn't even trying to lose weight (I just needed a stress relieving workout), but I have lost about 15 pounds by starting Zumba.
Zumba is the best outlet I have found--and I love it.
You almost forget that you’re working out, almost :)
It gives me confidence when I go to dances.
I truly am amazed at how fun exercise can be when you incorporate dancing!
I find that anytime I hear a catchy tune, all I want to do is dance!
The class makes me feel young and beautiful again.
I am so happy to be doing Zumba!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Only 2 days left!

My Zumbaversary is almost here! If you haven't sent me an email telling me what you love about Zumba, you gotta hurry! I will be having a drawing for a Zumba Water Bottle away in the next class! There may be other goodies... (hint) so don't miss class April 14! Melissa is coming and will do a few songs. We are gonna have a blast!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

National Turn off the T.V. Week- Lehi Legacy Center Activities

Have a hard time getting your teen to participate in family activities? On Monday, April 19, MY daughter is giving a short presentation on fun games for teens. Hear straight from another teen what is fun. You can tell YOUR teens you heard from one of their peers. These games are great for any large group, so if you need to entertain, you should come hear what she has to share. FREE for Legacy Center Members.

Other classes also available. Here is more information.