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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New Year! Time for a talk...

Listen, I expect a lot of you will be making some resolutions for the New Year. It is nice to mentally wipe the slate clean and start fresh. But there are some cautions as you set those goals. Here's my schpeel:


This is my post from last January explaining the difference between a good goal and a... uh, ... not so good goal. The "not-so-good" goals have a tendency to set yourself up for frustration and negative  feelings about yourself--which in turns leads to abandoning the goals altogether. NOT WHAT YOU WANT!

If your goals are to exercise more often and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, I will do my part to make that a positive experience for you. I want YOU to do your part to make it positive by approaching it with a healthy attitude about WHY you are doing it. We'll make a great team this year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do the math

Americans spend $134 billion a year on fast food, $74 billion on soda, and $2 billion on candy JUST during Halloween. Then we spend over $60 BILLION a year on weight loss efforts. Hmmm...I think it could save a lot of time and money if you just toss a lot of those goodies and treats right in the trash. Even if the candy is on sale after the holiday, do you really want to PAY to have to have someone help you remove it from your back side?

I'm not saying you should never enjoy your favorite foods, but sometimes we eat just so things don't "go to waste." Do the math—Let it go!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mix it up!

One of the things I really love about Zumba is that it gets people into the workout habit. It is so much fun, it is an easy habit to form! As you exercise, you start to feel better about yourself and your abilities, and you become more comfortable in the gym.

Your body may benefit from exploring some of the other options available to you. Maybe you could try lifting weights for a few minutes before class, or maybe you could go walk/run on the track a bit. Maybe you could even try spin class, or pilates, or water aerobics.

I gave this advice to my class last fall. One person actually listened and started doing different things. On the days she couldn't come to Zumba, she started running. She also explored some other classes like spin. She's lost 25 pounds because of it!

It is good to mix things up a bit. Keep your body working!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Song List for BYU Classes

Here are the list of songs we've done in our BYU class. Now you know exactly what to put on your iTunes wishlist. Merry Christmas!

Song Title Artist Rhythm
Adios Fulana Zumba Fitness Mapalé
Ana Pa Mi Tambor La Excelencia salsa
Ari Ari [Part 2] Zumba Fitness bhangra
Bailando Con Lola Azucar Moreno Rumba Flamenca
Bomba Camara Salsa
Como Has Logrado Vicente Garcia
Drum Rain* Zumba belly dance
El Amor Tito El Bambino cumbia
El Amor, El Amor* Zumba Fitness merengue/reggaeton
Feliz Navidad Tito El Bambino calypso
Forget You Glee Cast
Fragilidad Sting, Rhythms Del Mundo salsa
Fuego A La Jicotea Zumba Fitness salsa
Funky Monkey Rio Soundtrack brazilian funk
I Love Salsa N'Klabe salsa
Karamu John P. Kee african
La Dueña del Swing Los Hermanos Rosario merengue
La Gota Fria cumbia
La Pantera Mambo Zumba Fitness Salsa
La Vida Es Bella Ana Isabelle cumbia
Ladies' Choice Zac Efron
Let's Get Loud Jennifer Lopez
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Lebo M stretching
Mambo Bandoleros flamenca
Marcha Re Terra Samba Samba
Mr. Grinch The Whirling Dervishes
Mr. Saxobeat (Radio Edit) Alexandra Stan warmup
Papi (Mixin Marc & Tony Svedja Radio) Jennifer Lopez warmup
Party Rock LMFAO
Push Back Square One soca
Quebra As Cadeira* Zumba Fitness axé
Quedate Mas Los Super Reyes cumbia
Ritmo Caliente Zumba Fitness warmup
Rosa  Zumba Fitness cumbia
Sacudelo Willy Chirino reggaeton
Salsaton El Rubio Loco salsaton
Smooth Santana cha cha
Sobreviviré (I Will Survive) Azucar Moreno flamenco
Taboo Don Omar lambada
Turbo Polka Atomik Harmonik polka
Yeah, Usher Remix, Samba/Batucada samba
Zoomer Les Jumo african

(*these songs are Zumba Originals and I don't think you can find them for purchase)