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Thursday, October 27, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year: Week FOUR

Only three weeks and you've already made small but significant changes that will help you to a lifetime of healthy habits! Way to go! (See Week Three here). Here's your next goal:

WEEK 4: Eat only whole grains for breakfast (oats, whole grain toast, whole grain pancakes or waffles). You can still have other foods (fruit, eggs, etc.), just make sure whatever grains you have are whole grains, no refined flours.

WHY: Fiber makes you feel fuller. Did you know your body doesn't process fiber? It acts as a cleansing agent for your intestines. It's basically FREE CALORIES! Hallelujah! Refined flours will leave you unsatifsfied and hungry sooner. Refined flours typically have less flavor, come with more sugar, and can cause significant digestive issues.

HOW: Buy whole grain bread and have toast or whole grain cereal. Look at the ingredient list. "Wheat Flour" is NOT Whole Grain. It has to say "WHOLE grain flour." Also click HERE for some of my favorite recipes for breakfast. And also HERE for a scrumptious pumpkin granola that is delicious and very satisfying warmed in the microwave with a little milk. I also love Pumpkin Overnight Oats.

EVEN BETTER: Eat at least 75% whole grains all day

WEEK FIVE will post November 4.

Friday, October 21, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year: Week THREE

I hope you were able to find some smaller plates and bowls for your WEEK 2 goal. You probably don't feel deprived at all getting to eat on those cute things! Continue with goals 1-2, and now take this easy step next:

WEEK THREE: Set out your exercise clothes 12 hours in advance.

WHY: 12 hours before exercise you might be thinking, "Why didn't I just do it last time? I really NEED to do this!" You are thinking more clearly and can commit with a lucid mind. When the alarm goes off or you get a last minute change to your schedule, you may be tempted to skip it. So get everything in place beforehand so you can just go on "autopilot."

HOW: Decide what your exercise schedule will be and set reminders on your phone 12 hours ahead. Do you like your exercise clothes? Having something snazzy and fun can help you be more interested in your workout. If you want, ask me about how to make your own "High Five" shirt that we made together in the park in September. See pictures on my Facebook Page.

EVEN BETTER: Find a friend to exercise with. You'll both help each other stick with it.

WEEK FOUR will post October 28.

Friday, October 14, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year! Week TWO

How did you do at Week ONE? Pretty simple, right? I hope you're noticing more energy and alertness in your morning. Keep that habit and we'll add another now:

WEEK TWO: Eat on smaller plates and bowls. At every meal.

WHY: A full plate looks more satisfying. Portion sizes are smaller than we think. Small dishes help you keep things in moderation. You can always refill if you're still hungry.

HOW: You can TOTALLY do this. Easy, easy. Use teacup size plates and small bowls for breakfast foods. I like to eat my cereal or granola in cute ice cream dishes. Lunch plates for dinner. Find some dishes in a fun color or cute style and you'll even think it's a treat!

EVEN BETTER: Take time to check serving sizes on your favorite foods. This week is all about gaining perspective on your food and using perspective to your advantage.

UPDATE: I found a website all about the need for smaller plates. Check it out! www.smallplatemovement.org

WEEK THREE will post October 21.

Friday, October 7, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year: WEEK ONE

I'm super excited about this. Fitness instructors generally love New Year's anyway because loads of new people start coming to class and it's so full of energy! LOVE IT! But October to December is generally not a good time for healthy habits and exercise. Following these simple EASY steps will help you navigate the holiday season like a champ AND give you a headstart for whatever you want to accomplish for 2017! No need to gain a ton of weight or let your exercise program be forgotten.

WEEK 1: Drink 2 cups (16 ounces) of water first thing in the morning. Drink it before you have breakfast.

WHY: Water fills your stomach and gets things moving for the day. Often dehydration causes food cravings, grumpiness, and headache. Those three things together make it tough to make good food choices.

HOW: Won't this be EASY? In five minutes you can check this goal off for the day! Just set some sort of cue so you remember like setting the glass right next to the sink, or leave a note next to the pantry so you don't forget to drink before having food.

EVEN BETTER: Drink 2 cups before every meal.

WEEK 2 Goal will be posted October 14.

Why I will never post a "before/after" picture of myself

I hate seeing people post before and after pictures of their body.

Why? A picture shows an image.

If you're into exercise for the image then get out of my feed. I'm not going to click "like" or say "you look hot!" just to validate your self-adulation.

If it's about how awesome your body looks then your bragging doesn't help anyone out there who is struggling.

If it's about how great you FEEL about yourself for meeting your goals, you can do that fully clothed. Show me your face and that satisfied smile!

AND there is no "AFTER." Health improvements are a continuous life-style. Show me who you are!