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Thursday, October 27, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year: Week FOUR

Only three weeks and you've already made small but significant changes that will help you to a lifetime of healthy habits! Way to go! (See Week Three here). Here's your next goal:

WEEK 4: Eat only whole grains for breakfast (oats, whole grain toast, whole grain pancakes or waffles). You can still have other foods (fruit, eggs, etc.), just make sure whatever grains you have are whole grains, no refined flours.

WHY: Fiber makes you feel fuller. Did you know your body doesn't process fiber? It acts as a cleansing agent for your intestines. It's basically FREE CALORIES! Hallelujah! Refined flours will leave you unsatifsfied and hungry sooner. Refined flours typically have less flavor, come with more sugar, and can cause significant digestive issues.

HOW: Buy whole grain bread and have toast or whole grain cereal. Look at the ingredient list. "Wheat Flour" is NOT Whole Grain. It has to say "WHOLE grain flour." Also click HERE for some of my favorite recipes for breakfast. And also HERE for a scrumptious pumpkin granola that is delicious and very satisfying warmed in the microwave with a little milk. I also love Pumpkin Overnight Oats.

EVEN BETTER: Eat at least 75% whole grains all day

WEEK FIVE will post November 4.

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