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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Everything I've been trying to convince you of, in one place

HURRAY for this article! This is all those tidbits on "body-image", "behavior vs. results" thought reprogramming that I've been trying to tell you about. You must read this!

The End of Dieting

Pay particular attention to the very last sentence!

Live the Life and ZUMBA, by my friend Shannon

A friend and fellow Zumba Instructor, Shannon Robinson, wrote an article about Zumba for the Live the Life folks (a weight management program you really should look into). Check it out! She says it very well!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zumba®Gold on the Today Show!

I LOVE the Zumba®Gold classes! They are seriously fun!

For information on my Zumba®Gold classes, go to www.friedokrafitness.com, or click the link on the right side bar.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Giving Compliments: Are You Sincere or Selfish?

We have all encountered people who use the cheap tactic of tearing others down in order to make themselves look or feel better. It is juvenile, shallow, and temporary. But have you ever been guilty of tearing yourself down in an attempt to say something nice to someone else? It would sound something like this:

"You're so pretty, I wish I looked like you."

"You are so talented, you make me sick."

"You do that so well, I could never do that."

How does a person respond to that? "Uh,… thank you?"

This kind of compliment is based on comparisons. You are saying their good qualities are contingent upon you having none, not based on who they are or what they have accomplished. And in reality, we selfishly shift the focus back to ourselves before they even get a chance to enjoy our compliment.

How about this, instead?

"You have such beautiful eyes!"

"I love to hear you play piano, you really add a special emotion to the music."

"It's great to see you! You're always so much fun!"

Give it a try. You'll be surprised how it builds both of you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hurray! I got some goodies for you!

Those t-shirts FINALLY restocked. I didn't hesitate and got a load so if you want one, bring $20 to class or paypal it to me. These are a very nice cotton/poly blend so the fabric will last a long time. They have a nice soft feel that won't soak up your sweat. I LOVE the one I got. Just two sizes: S/M and L/XL.
The Small/Medium is 38 inches around.
The Large/Extra Large is 42 1/2 inches around.

Hurry! I doubt I'll get to place another order on these so get 'em while you can! (the t-shirts are on their way and I'll have them Monday, everything else I have on hand.) And I do have to charge sales tax... so all items total $21.37.

I also snagged just a few extras:

I have just one pink raceback tank in Medium, $20:  SOLD!

I have one lime green tank, size medium,
and one lime green tank, size large, $20 

And do you love those cool hats I've been sporting? 
I have a handful in each color; $20 each. I have really grown attached to mine!