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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This, not That

I hear people tell me they eat healthy yet wonder why they don't lose weight. I'm starting to think what some people call healthy is not really all that healthy. So I'm introducing a new series of posts to give you healthy food options. I'll try to give you some specific options to trade out for the food you love. Small changes will make a big difference!

This week: Memorial Day picnics are coming. I choose kosher hot dogs. But even the kosher ones are loaded with fat. They have 180 calories and 170 are fat! Sick! So get the 97% fat free ones. They have only 1/4 the calories--just 45 calories each! Pair it with a whole grain bun.

Okay, yeah, hot dogs are not the greatest things, but I know Memorial Day is coming so we're starting with reality!

Calories saved: 135