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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A word about "Toning" shoes

Toning shoes are designed to provide you with a less-stable base, so your muscles have to work more to keep you balanced--you know--VERTICAL. There isn't any research to show it actually works, but let's think about the word "less-stable." That means a foundation that is shaky and insecure. You are more like to fall or twist your ankle. And these kind of shoes are NOT intended to be worn during exercise.

I actually witnessed a woman wearing toning shoes walking out of the doctor's office who tripped and nearly knocked her head on a table corner. She even said, "it's these shoes." Not worth it!

If you are coming to Zumba, you are getting more than any shoes alone can offer you. Get yourself some good supportive athletic shoes. Toning shoes are not allowed in class!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why feed your body better than your children?

My eight year old packed her own lunch today. Considering she refuses to eat a sandwich of any kind, it was pretty good: a yogurt, an orange, some Oatmeal Squares cereal. Last week when we took a trip to Salt Lake, she wanted to pack some snacks. I asked her what she wanted to take and she picked carrots and cucumbers. Her favorite afterschool snack is an apple.

I was proud of her for packing her own lunch. She told me that a few of her friends pack their own lunches everyday. Then she told me how they do it: all pre-packaged junk food. Seriously. One girl: Doritos, "granola" bar (candy bar), a cookie, CapriSun. Um... sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar. Another: "fruit" snack, "granola" bar (same one), "juice" box, Cheetos. Sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar. Nothing her body NEEDS whatsoever.

I see these kids growing up, hitting middle age and finding themselves in the same frustrating situation as so many adults. Overweight, trying so hard to change their eating habits, but almost helpless for the skills to do so. They have eaten junk their whole life. Where do they start? They try to live in the same house with this kind of junk readily available to their children and find the willpower to not eat it.


Adults make the decisions about what comes in the house. If you wouldn't eat it, why do you let your children start their life this way?

If you are trying to eat healthier but feel like it's hard to eat healthy while surrounded by the "normal" food your family eats--I DON'T BLAME YOU! It would definitely make it harder. Get it out! They don't need it either. You are trying to change your habits for a reason. Give them a headstart. Don't sentence them to the same thing you are going through now.

No diet you can survive for some temporary period of time is going to allow you to go back to those sort of habits. Set up a lifestyle for the long term. For you AND your children.

It doesn't have to be radical or extreme. Clear the junk from your cabinets. Find a few new recipes. Shop healthier. Make the good choices easily available. Pre-pack your own healthy snacks and have them ready instead of the baggies of junk.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let's all be good "neighbors," okay?

A new year means more people are finding the confidence to try something new. Something like Zumba. Something that you already think is awesome. So let's give them that same chance to let it change their life. Look at the picture, I know you'll laugh, and then you WON'T be like that, okay? :)

But seriously, we do have a few rules:

1) No children in the studio. The Orem Fitness Center says no children under 12, but I am allowed personal discretion for children 9-12. If I feel they can keep up and not be in other people's way I'll be happy to let them stay. 

2) No barefeet or socks. Always wear proper athletic shoes.

3) Don't stress about doing it right. Just do it with a smile! Nobody is watching you. They are all watching ME.