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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A 5K in pleasant weather

How 'bout a nice 5K for a nice reason in super nice weather? Saturday, June 4.

This is a 5K to show support for Camie Jacobs, one of the Orem High Track coaches in her battle with cancer. There will also be items for sale at great prices.

Running for a reason is so much better than running in circles. Give it a try.

Here are the event details:

Here is a registration link:

Friday, May 13, 2011

"When I lose weight, I'll start going to the gym"

I’ve actually heard people say, “When I lose some weight, I’ll start going to the gym.”

I know, I know,-- it’s seems a little backward.

According to a great article I just read by Gregory Welch in the May 2011 American Fitness issue, “being fit” is NOT defined by our size, but is defined by our ability to perform work—yard work, running, lifting, unloading your car, wrestling with your grandchildren, painting your bedroom, etc.

“Fitness” has little to do with your size because there are thin people who can’t run the length of a city block without stopping to catch their breath, and I’ve seen non-thin people who are endurance powerhouses! They can work in their yard, they can swim 60 laps, and they can handle intense cardio classes (like Zumba!).

Your ability to perform work is essential to your quality of life and independence. Waiting until you are smaller before you workout is a dangerous game. You are losing functional abilities as time goes on. So you can’t wait until you lose weight to work on your fitness. Like Gregory Welch said, you have to be “fit” FIRST, before you can start any effective changes in your weight.

If you aren’t thin, you may indeed have to work harder just to maintain the ability to perform that work. The bonus: you burn more calories because you have more to move.  

Can you perform work without going to the gym? Absolutely!

Do you?

If you answered no, in spite of your good intentions, you may benefit from a group exercise class. It is helpful to have a set time so you don’t delay getting your workout clothes on. You don’t have to plan the workout because the instructor takes care of that. It is socially rewarding. And if you come to a Zumba class—it’s FUN!

So maybe Zumba is just the thing to improve your fitness. Come try it out! I teach regular high-energy Zumba classes and Zumba Gold classes for seniors and people just starting out. Find my teaching schedule here.

See you soon!

Monday, May 2, 2011

How to eat anything you want

I spoke with a class member a few months ago about how he had successfully lost a large amount of weight. Six days a week he ate a very strict diet. "No fun," was how he described it. But one day a week he allowed a day off and ate whatever he wanted to eat. He looked forward to eating pizza and chips and soda and french fries. You might think he just "undid" all the work of the other six days. But what he noticed was that slowly, over time, he no longer craved the pizza and chips and french fries. After learning to eat and appreciate better food choices on the other six days of the week, his body adapted and he found the greasy, unhealthy food was actually rather gross! What he wanted on his day off turned out to be pretty good stuff!

But here's the juiciest part that I hope will help you: knowing that he could have that seventh day to enjoy the food he felt like he was missing gave him some strength to stick to the plan during the six days of strict eating.

Interesting concept. Which behavior do you wish you could change or give up? Would a "day off" each week help you commit?