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Friday, October 14, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year! Week TWO

How did you do at Week ONE? Pretty simple, right? I hope you're noticing more energy and alertness in your morning. Keep that habit and we'll add another now:

WEEK TWO: Eat on smaller plates and bowls. At every meal.

WHY: A full plate looks more satisfying. Portion sizes are smaller than we think. Small dishes help you keep things in moderation. You can always refill if you're still hungry.

HOW: You can TOTALLY do this. Easy, easy. Use teacup size plates and small bowls for breakfast foods. I like to eat my cereal or granola in cute ice cream dishes. Lunch plates for dinner. Find some dishes in a fun color or cute style and you'll even think it's a treat!

EVEN BETTER: Take time to check serving sizes on your favorite foods. This week is all about gaining perspective on your food and using perspective to your advantage.

UPDATE: I found a website all about the need for smaller plates. Check it out! www.smallplatemovement.org

WEEK THREE will post October 21.

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