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Friday, October 15, 2010

Zumba Gold Class song list

And I love you Zumba Gold® class members!

Here are the songs we’ve done so far. I have a new warm up coming next week and a few more in my pocket when you’re ready! The songs with the * are ones that I’m pretty sure are only available from Zumba® and you may not be able to buy them.

All Night Long, Lionel Ritchie
*Baila Pa Emociona

Bandstand Boogie, Barry Manilow
Dance, Dance, Dance, Steve Miller Band
Argentina Querida (Tango)
Jump In The Line
La Dieta
La Pantera Mambo (The Pink Panther)
La Piragua
Mariana Mambo
Mexican Hat Dance
*Quete Mueve

Balance Song:
*Las Maravillas

Stretch songs:
Don’t Worry, Playing For Change
The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Lebo M
Upside Down, Jack Johnson

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