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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to get the Most out of your Zumba Workout

You are having FUN—Right? You know I always say that is the most important thing. Why? Because if you have fun you’ll come back and do it again! And doing it again and again is how your body gets in better and better shape.

So now that we’ve established FUN, how can you take it to the next level? Here are a few ideas:

Eat better. Evaluate how you are eating to maximize your energy level so you have MORE of it to give in class! Reduce your intake of simple sugars to avoid blood sugar peaks and then subsequent lows. Look for foods that have high nutritional value for less calories and keep them easily available.

Watch your form. Curl your pelvic bone upward and raise your shoulders up and back, opening the chest (the opposite of a slouch). Notice how your abdominal muscles engage? See how much taller and more confident you look? Now hold that position and wiggle something. Your core muscles really have to tighten!

Give it some energy! Don’t just move your arms, PUT them where you want them. Pretend gravity is on vacation and really move! SMILE! And when you feel the energy take you over, give it a holler!

Don’t overdo it. Getting fit doesn’t mean barely breathing or leaving the gym feeling completely wasted. Exercise is supposed to improve your life. If you work too hard you probably won’t enjoy it and will quit your exercise routine altogether. Or you may wear out a joint or muscle and have to take a break from exercising. Booo! We don’t want that.

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!


  1. Good post Shelly!!! I want to reinforce the..."give out a holler" :) :) :) We like NOISE in class!! So much more FUN!!!

  2. Becki, your "hollers" always make me smile. Thanks for adding to the fun!