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Monday, January 2, 2017

How to Succeed Without Really Trying

Are you trying to meet some new goals? This one tip will make the work 5 times easier!

Listen. People who only sorta know me think my kitchen cupboards have nothing but organic, whole-grain, super foods and I that I go into convulsions at the sight of a Snickers bar.

I hate to burst your bubble but this is totally not true. I love cookie dough and baked goods are my weakness! And friends that know me *really* well know this!

But people are always apologizing to me for foods they are eating or serving or buying or whatever is in my sight.

I'm cool. It's good. I own white sugar. I love brownies. And I don't buy organic everything--GASP!

But this perception of me being a health fanatic creates a bubble of protection around me. People don't show up at my door with a plate full of cookies because they know (think) I wouldn't like it.

I'm not complaining. It really is a weakness for me, so if they don't bring it, it's all good.

If you want to have a bubble of protection around you for goals you are trying to meet, TELL PEOPLE. They will respect you. They will help you out. And when you know that other people are respectfully looking out for you and trying to help you meet your goals, well then, you're more likely to respect yourself and do your part as well.


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