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Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year: WEEK TWELVE!

Here we are on the last goal! You've done so well! This week I think you'll find the goal very simple. You can totally do this one!

WEEK TWELVE: Only eat sitting down at the table. Don't eat in front of the TV or in the car. No eating out of bags. Load a plate with the food you choose (remember what you learned about portion sizes), put the rest away, and sit down.

WHY: Eating anywhere besides the table can easily lead to overeating or eating for reasons other than hunger (boredom, social situation, habit, empty craving, emotional impulses). Eating in the car means you are probably in a hurry and it's likely you will grab something less than healthy to fill your stomach.

HOW: No food in the living room or TV room. Tell the kids. If they see you eating in front of the TV they'll be sure to report it and you'll be accountable to them! Arrange the pillows on your couch to be in the way of your seat. If your hands are holding food when you go to sit down, you'll try to move the pillow and remember you aren't supposed to have food in your hands at the couch. If you typically eat in the car, you'll need to plan your schedule a little in advance so you can have time to eat before you leave.

EVEN BETTER: Keep snacks between meals to healthy choices only. Save treats for after dinner when you are already full and likely won't binge. Make a list of things that can keep your mouth busy without doing a lot of damage.

Next Week is New Year's Eve! Woo Hoo! You are ON IT!

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