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Thursday, December 1, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year: WEEK NINE

WOW! We've already conquered a lot of good habits!

Here is one you may think is odd but give it a try.

WEEK NINE: Leave half of your lunch on the counter or in your bag or maybe even in the fridge. Basically just put it somewhere else besides where you are sitting to eat. After you've eaten the first half, ask yourself if you're still hungry. Don't hesitate to finish the rest if you're still hungry. Do the same when you go out to eat. Put half of your food in a take home container before you take your first bite.

WHY: So often we eat mindlessly while reading or talking. We eat more than we need and wonder where it all went when we see the plate empty. The purpose of this goal is to train you to stop and check your body signals before you automatically eat everything. And finding you still have the other half to eat (guilt-free) is so fun! Restaurant portions are typically 2-3 times what a good meal size should really be. Put away half and you'll get 2 meals for the price of one!

HOW: This one is pretty easy if you just remember. If you pack a lunch, package half separately to remind you to leave it in the bag. If you eat at home you can leave a note on the cabinet (like the one I give you in class). Or if you want, hang a whistle where you'll see it. That means "half-time!"

EVEN BETTER: Pay attention to your body whenever you make food choices. What is it that you really need? Are you hungry or just bored? Is this food going to make you feel satisfied or frustrated? And always drink a glass of water first.

WEEK TEN will be posted December 9.

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