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Thursday, November 24, 2016

12 Weeks to New Year: WEEK EIGHT

This is a big week. All we have to do is hear the word, "Thanksgiving," we think of LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD. Well, you keep at all those other things we've been doing in the previous weeks. Remember what you've learned about portion sizes and keep it real. But enjoy the day with your family. But here is your goal.

WEEK EIGHT: Learn one new recipe for dinner that is a little healthier. Any dinner, not just Thanksgiving.

WHY: Sometimes we don't know that the recipes in our cookbooks are really recipes for disaster! Or maybe you don't cook much at all. Going out to eat can really pack on the calories. Restaurants aren't concerned with your health, they just make sure your mouth is happy!  Learn to cook yourself. Just start with one recipe. New recipes take longer the first time you do it. So just take this one step. Maybe you'll find a new family favorite.

HOW: It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving food, but if you'd like a lighter version of some of the traditional foods for Thanksgiving, check my Pinterest board. I also have a lot of recipes on my recipe tab at the top of this page. I especially like my guilt-free version of chicken enchiladas. I also LOVE Cranberry-Turkey Enchiladas. Find something a little lighter. (Hint: avoid your neighbor's favorite casserole or pretty much anything that calls for a container of sour cream and a can of cream of chicken soup!)

EVEN BETTER: Find one of your favorite recipes and make it healthier. Maybe you can reduce the butter or sour cream. Google the name of your recipe and "makeover" to see if someone else out there has already figured out how to make it healthier. Find out where most of the calories in your recipe are coming from and see if you can cut that ingredient in half. Check my pinterest board for ideas.

WEEK NINE will post December 2.

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